EYEVIEW® is a software service that allows a 3D architectural model to be viewed to scale and in position in real time, on any mobile iOS device.

The App and associated service will reduce your image production time and costs, while allowing you to capture photomontage imagery on-site in real time from multiple viewpoints.

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    Subscription Includes Unlimited Projects and Captured Images
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    Existing Site Camera Match
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    Show Location and Size of Proposed Building
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    Confirm Degree of Visibility
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    Explain Architectural Form
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    Compare Alternative Design Option

EYEVIEW® is for professionals

  • Architects
  • Planning Consultants
  • Local Authority Planning Officers
  • Architectural Visualisers

EYEVIEW® will change the way you see your projects

  • Intuitive new technology can be used on-site
  • 3D models and images to scale and real time
  • Quicker and cheaper than desktop image production
  • Test early design concepts live on-site
  • Reduce time to produce red-line photomontage imagery
  • Move around site to evaluate unlimited viewpoint locations
  • Communicate and collaborate on-site
  • Encourage community engagement
  • Works within established architectural design and planning workflows
  • Integrates into established AEC 3D workflow
  • 3D models geo-located to Great Britain Ordnance Survey National Grid coordinate system
  • Faster and improved design experimentation
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