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EYEVIEW® is currently optimised to display simplified 3D conceptual block models

EYEVIEW® 3D Model Guidelines

  • App only recognises 3D models in our proprietary .elv file format
  • App does not display texture maps
  • App will not open if 3D models are too large

3D Modelling Instructions

  • 3D model units must be metres
  • 3D models must be geolocated to Great Britain Ordnance Survey National Grid coordinate system
  • Device's GPS is used to locate the 3D models relative to Ordnance Survey National Grid coordinate system - Eastings, Northings and altitude AOD
  • 3D model format is .OBJ
  • Maximum 3D model budget:
    • Total combined polygon count of all 3D models: up to 4,000 polygons (faces)
    • Total combined file size of all .OBJ files: 400 - 600KB
  • Ensure 3D geometry is simple and clean:
    • Construct building models from simple extruded surfaces, blocks or cylinders
    • Use triangles and quads polygons
    • Use as few sides as possible on circle and cylinder objects
    • Remove unnecessary or hidden caps and faces
    • Use single sided objects
    • No Boolean meshes
    • No coplanar/coincident faces that occupy the same space
    • It is acceptable to have intersecting faces that cut through one another
    • No isolated vertices
    • Weld vertices to avoid 'Rats Nest' errors
    • Normals must be unified and face outwards
  • Add a UVW box modifier to every object

Export Instructions

  • Export 3D models as .OBJ files
  • Use Export Selected procedure
  • Export separate 3D models for the surrounding site and each individual proposed building design option 3D model
  • Name exported .OBJ files logically to identify in which order you would like the design option models displayed in EYEVIEW
  • A 'Rats Nest' error signifies one of the issues mentioned in the 3D Model Guidelines above exists in a 3D model

Email 3D models to EYELEVEL Creative using the link opposite

Email the following

  • .OBJ file of surrounding site 3D model
  • .OBJ file of each individual proposed building design option 3D model
  • Each associated .MTL file

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