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EYEVIEW® is operated from two screens

  • 'MAPVIEW' Screen is used to:
    • Turn on/off your 3D models
    • Confirm your viewpoint location
  • 'EYEVIEW' Screen is used to:
    • View your 3D models in position
    • Display alternative design options
    • Capture your imagery to your device Photos Album or email

App Installation Instructions

  • Download EYEVIEW App from the App Store
  • Requires iOS 7 or later
  • Compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad
  • EYEVIEW App requires a Wi-Fi or Cellular connection during use


  • On-screen instructions are displayed at the top of both 'MAPVIEW' and 'EYEVIEW' screens
  • Click on ? symbol at any time to display the on-screen HELP overlay

Account Registration

  • Following App installation, review the End User Licence Agreement
  • Register your new account details or sign in with existing account details

First use of EYEVIEW®

  • Allow EYEVIEW to access Current Location Services
  • Allow EYEVIEW to access Camera
  • Allow EYEVIEW to access Photos

Add a 3D model to EYEVIEW®

  • EYEVIEW App only recognises 3D models in our proprietary .elv file format
  • Email us your 3D building model content which we will check and convert into .elv format
  • We will email your .elv file to you
  • Click on your .elv file within your device to automatically add your 3D model to Model Library
  • Alternatively, open iTunes on your PC, connect your device and drag your .elv file into the EYEVIEW App Documents

User Guide - 'MAPVIEW' Screen

  • EYEVIEW App opens on MAPVIEW screen and uses Apple Maps to automatically locate your current viewpoint location
  • Viewpoint location is shown by a coloured location pin
  • 3D building model is shown with a red outline
  • Project 3D models are displayed in Model Library. Turn ON/OFF or delete project models as required
  • Accuracy of viewpoint location is determined by the strength and accuracy of the current Wi-Fi or GPS signal and subject to the Apple Location Services limitations
  • Follow device's Compass Calibration instructions if necessary
  • Viewpoint location pin will display red, amber or green depending on GPS signal strength
  • If necessary, tap and drag pin to manually refine viewpoint location
  • Tap Viewpoint Location GPS indicator to switch between manual and auto GPS viewpoint location
  • Once you are happy with the viewpoint pin location, tap 'EYEVIEW' icon to proceed and Confirm Location

User Guide - 'EYEVIEW' Screen

  • Hold iPad at eye level and point towards the site area of interest
  • Proposed 3D model and surrounding site should be visible within view
  • Maximum range from viewpoint location to 3D model location is currently 20Km
  • Viewpoint location is automatically located from the position confirmed in MAPVIEW screen
  • Use on-screen horizontal and vertical spirit levels to ensure iPad is positioned vertically and horizontally.
  • Mount iPad onto a tripod for more steady and secure use
  • Handhold iPad to pan view around
  • If necessary, tap Fine Tune Adjustment arrow icons to refine camera match position:
    • Use left and right arrows to adjust surround site model until vertical edges of site model align with corresponding vertical edges in background image
    • Use up and down arrows to adjust surrounding site model until base and top edges of site model align with corresponding edges in background image
  • Toggle function buttons to access EYEVIEW features
  • Surrounding Site Icon - Toggle on/off existing surrounding site 3D model
  • Design Options Icon - Toggle through proposed building design option 3D models
  • AVR mode Icon - Toggle 3D model display mode as required:
    • AVR Level 0 - Toned Area
    • AVR Level 1 - Wireline
    • AVR Level 2 - Wireline and Toned Area
  • Colour Icon - Change colour of 3D models as required
  • Lock View Icon - Use at any time to lock the iPad on-screen view. iPad can be lowered or moved without changing the on-screen view to allow easier use of function buttons
  • Info Icon - Display geolocation information
  • Capture Icon - Capture on-screen image to device’s Photos Album or email the on-screen image
  • Email Icon - Email on-screen image and geolocation information
  • Three versions of the on-screen image are captured:
    • 3D model superimposed into background photograoh
    • Background photograpg without 3D models
    • Standalone building on blank background
  • Move onto next viewpoint location, toggle onto MAPVIEW screen and repeat process

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