EYEVIEW® is a new Augmented Reality architectural visualisation service which transforms how you design, plan and visualise projects.

EYEVIEW can be used on a hand held device

Test early design concepts live on-site

Capture photomontage imagery on-site
EYEVIEW can be used on a tripod mounted device

Assess visual impact live on-site

Identify key viewpoint locations early
EYEVIEW produces unlimited images in real-time

Scope viewpoint locations early

Models geo-located to OS coordinate system
"We used EYEVIEW in a prominent urban location adjacent to a listed building and sensitive in Planning terms. 
EYEVIEW proved to have two clear applications:
Testing the impact of initial design massing models on the site to inform design development.
Confirming key views of the proposal, therefore identifying the location and number of photomontage views necessary to support a planning application."
Design Director
Award-winning Architectural Company
"We considered EYEVIEW to be a very useful tool to quickly and easily consider the visual impact of a proposed development on a site and its surroundings.
The 3D nature of the tool will save time for officers on-site and help with members of the Council understand the proposals better."
Planning Officer
UK Local Authority Planning Department
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