EYEVIEW® App works on any iOS mobile device. It is currently optimised for use on an iPad Mini and requires a Wi-Fi or Cellular connection during use.EYEVIEW® App is currently free to download from the App Store. Produce your own 3D building model content which we will check and convert into the EYEVIEW® App format.

Hand Held
Hand Held
Tripod Mounted
Tripod Mounted
Download the FREE iOS App from App Store
Sign Up and register your account
Prepare your 3D models in your AEC software. Follow the 3D MODEL GUIDE  in the SUPPORT section
Email your 3D models to us
We will check your 3D models for compatibility with the EYEVIEW App and convert the models into the EYEVIEW App format
Once you receive your EYEVIEW file by email, click on your file while using your iOS device and EYEVIEW App will automatically start. Alternatively, EYEVIEW files can be transfered onto your device through iTunes
Contact us if you require assistance
FREE use for 30 days includes one project conversion and upload
Following FREE period, contact us to subscribe
EYEVIEW App uses the GPS of your device to locate your viewpoint location and the relative position of the 3D models within the App
Your 3D models must be geo-located within your AEC software to the Great Britain Ordnance Survey National Grid coordinate system - latitude, longitude and height Above Ordnance Datum (AOD)
EYEVIEW is optimised for simple 3D block model or massing model geometry - it is an ideal design development tool
Prepare your 3D models and email them to EYELEVEL Creative and we will convert them into EYEVIEW App format and email them back to you
Once on-site, the 3D model will appear to scale and in position
Capture 3D photomontage image
Move onto another viewpoint location
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